Shoreline Landscaping


Lawn and landscape service at its finest.

Shoreline Yardworks has taken the position that pairing highly trained and certified landscaping professionals with a customer-centric focus is the best way to achieve amazing results.  Completely oriented to the customer, in the last year the company has expanded their service offerings to better meet the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners in North Western and North Central Ohio.

Shoreline Yardworks is ideal for people who have a passion for a beautiful landscape, but don’t have the amount of time or expertise it requires to maintain it.  Taking a holistic approach, each visit from Shoreline’s professional crew includes site monitoring as well as completing tasks such as mowing, edging, mulching and trimming of shrubs and trees.  We offer an alternative for hard working professionals who want a bit more family time or have other obligations and still want to be able to enjoy a manicured, thriving yard.

Call today at (440) 617-YARD, or use the form below, to speak to one of our qualified landscape technicians or to schedule a free site evaluation.