Fertilization & Aeration Programs

Fertilization & Aeration Programs

Let us create a lush and beautiful lawn outside your home.

How your lawn appears on the surface has a lot to do with what is going on in the earth underneath it.  Since your lawn draws vital nutrients and micronutrients from the soil below, having access to a high performance fertilization and aeration program can help you to create the environment where your lawn grows in lush and green.

Our experienced, certified team utilizes a six step fertilization process that includes both granular and liquid fertilizers to feed both your landscaping beds and lawn.  As a result of our treatments, you will see that your lawn and shrubs will have more foliage growth that reflects a healthy, deep color.

As part of our plant and lawn health program, we also offer aeration treatments.  These are ideal for reducing the amount of compaction in a lawn or planting area.  When the soil gets too compressed, nutrients and water simply can’t get down to the roots of the plants to deliver compounds that will help them to grow.  By aerating the area, we can alleviate the compacted soil and help develop new root growth, adding a new level of health to your lawn and plants.

Want your lawn to be green and full? Let the experts at Shoreline Yardworks help you create a lush yard with our fertilization and aeration programs.  Call (440) 617-YARD, or fill out the form below, to schedule your free consultation!