Plant & Horticulture Care

Plant & Tree Horticulture

Ensure your plants, shrubs and trees flourish all year long.

Plants and trees need specialized care, beyond what they might get from your lawn feeding program.  In fact, many species of plants and trees simply won’t respond to a thin layer of feeding that is meant for lawns, which can cause stunted growth and thin foliage.

How can you ensure that your plants, shrubs and trees stay healthy, flourish and are pest and disease free?  Take advantage of the expertise of the certified teams at Shoreline Yardworks.  We offer a wide range of services that are specifically designed to help you maintain species trees, as well as shrubs and other native yard plantings.  Our plant and tree horticulture services include:

  • Fertilization that is specifically designed for plants and trees. Using deep root injection processes, our expert staff can deliver nutrients where trees and shrubs can access them, immediately giving them what they need to grow and help prevent pest infestation and life threatening diseases.
  • Weed removal. Weeds can cluster at the base of plantings, shrubs and trees, preventing them from having access to oxygen and water.  Our process will remove these weeds without damaging the tree or plant structure and prevent them from returning.
  • Fungus treatments. If your tree or shrub is suffering from the effects of a fungus, our trained team can treat your plants with the newest fungicides on the market today.
  • Disease prevention and treatment. There are times when plants get sick, either from a bacteria or a pest.  Our certified landscaping professionals can quickly assess the situation and prescribe a treatment plan that will help your tree or shrub to regain health.

Contact Shoreline Yardworks today to discuss your plant, shrub, and tree horticulture issues.  Call (440) 617-YARD, or fill out the form below, for a complementary onsite assessment!