Shoreline Yard Maintenance

Turf Diagnostics & Soil Testing

Comprehensive testing and lawn care expertise.

Having a beautiful, lush, green lawn takes a lot more than simply watering your grass and letting it go.  The simple truth is that your lawn is a reflection of the condition of the soil underneath it.  If you want a lawn that will highlight the beauty of your home, then let our professionals perform a turf diagnostic and soil testing procedure to determine what chemical imbalance is preventing you from having the lawn of your dreams.

Using high-tech electronic equipment, we can test your soil to check the levels of nutrients and micronutrients, the average pH of the soil, and the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This allows us to rebalance the soil instead of just hoping a random product will turn your grass green.

With our comprehensive testing system and expertise in lawn care, we can get to the root of the issue and create an environment for healthy growth using an intensive program.  Almost as soon as our process starts, you will see positive changes in your lawn.  You’ll love the way that your lawn will look, how it sets off your home and knowing that it is truly healthy and thriving.

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